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Active Projects

Orange Music Player (android): A powerful music player app built with kotlin tailored for android devices running on android Operating System version 5.0 lollipop and above. Future updates are coming to the app as it is not near finished.

You can download the app on the Google Play Store by clicking HERE.

Orange Music Player (windows): Built on the open source solution of Bhob Rainey onely music player using C# programming language, this is a simple yet powerful Music Player for the windows Operating System using the universal windows platform (UWP) framework for apps on the Microsoft store, the project still contains a lot of bugs that causes frequent crashes but if there’s enough free time these issues will get ironed out.

You can download the app on the Microsoft Store by clicking HERE.

C# IDE (windows): Coded using C# this IDE is intended for use as a simple way to compile native C# programs and classes however there is still a lot of work to do on this legacy code, we do intend migrating the software from its legacy version to Universal style UWP.

You can check out the project on GitHub by clicking HERE.

CESK (Android): This android studio project is being coded using the java programming language the application name is in placeholder status, it is an engineering application intended for civil engineering students as a soil classification app to automate repetitive calculations i.e. USCS, ISSCS, AASHTO. This app/project is not complete, a lot of features are yet to be added, the user interface also needs a major overhaul. I am considering migrating this project to flutter.

Soil classification app demo

You can download the demo application on the play store by clicking HERE.

PDF documentation soil classification

You can also check out the PDF copy of the project by clicking HERE.

Business portfolio (android): This project will be made open-source soon, it is intended to be a simple and straight forward business portfolio application which you can extend with other functionalities.  

You can download the demo application by clicking HERE.

There are also a host of private active projects which will be made public in due time.