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Error Logs, Issues And Solutions For Visual Studio IDE

This article will be kept up to date with errors and solutions encountered while working with the visual studio IDE. Original authors and help links will be referenced accordingly.

Author: Eze-Odikwa Tochukwu Jed

Problem (c-sharp):

assemblyinfo.cs could not be found


Right-click project properties (not solution). Choose Application tab. Click Assembly Information button. Fields will probably be all empty add stuff. Click OK and exit properties.

Problem (c-sharp):

(Pop up)

Invalid version format expected "[Major]"."[Major]""[minor]"

With GUID Greyed out

Possible solution 1: I have had this happened to me in the past. This can be more of a Visual Studio problem more than anything else.

What this means is that the AssemblyInfo.cs file is either missing from the Properties folder in the project or there is a permissions issue. If there is a permissions issue, update the ACL (File > Properties > Security), close and re-open the project. If missing altogether, you just need to recreate it taking the following steps:

  • Within Visual Studio 2010, select Tools > Create GUID.
  • Click Copy (or New GUID then Copy).
  • Click Exit.
  • Expand the Properties folder in the Solution Explorer (Control+W+S to open).
  • Delete the AssemblyInfo.cs file shown with the exclaimation point.
  • Double click on the Properties folder – this should open the Properties window.
  • On the Application Tab, click the Application Information… button.
  • Fill in the application information, paste the GUID you copied into the GUID field – when done click OK.

Possible solution 2:

    <Compile Include="AssemblyInfo.cs" />
Usually, this file is in the subfolder "Properties"

    <Compile Include="Program.cs" />
    <Compile Include="Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs" />

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