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Project Funding, Donations and Charity Work

Funding and Donations For Job Search Software Application Upgrade in West Africa. Full Details on why we put this up below.

You can donate money or your time and skill for the job search application upgrade any effort made to make this a reality will be well appreciated, thank you. Reasons for why we put this up and the full budget needed for this project as well as others is posted below for the general public to see.


If you are donating money send funds to:
Bank Name= Access Bank
Account Number= 0798583741
Account Name= Eze-Odikwa Tochukwu Jed
Country = Nigeria
If you are donating time and skill please contact us on WhatsApp and telegram:
+44 7510805114
Thanks for donating and funding this project and charity work the good lord will bless you bountifully.
We will update the progress counter with accurate amounts received from your kind donations.

Open letter to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and other kind funders or donors:

Eze-Odikwa Tochukwu Jed
Tochy Computer Services
D33 Ehimiri Housing Estate
Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria


Kind donors, fundraisers
Microsoft, Google, Amazon

Dear Kind Donors,

                                 Open Application for Job Search Software Upgrade Funding, Donations and Donations to Charity in Nigeria, West Africa.

We a team of 3 Software developers at Tochy Computer Services BN 3396215 would like to make an open fundraising application for $100,000 in likes of money, time and skill to upgrade a job search mobile application by migrating the application to the flutter framework and also reproduce a windows and iOS port of the application under the name 5 List job search which was previously published to the Google play store on 9th May 2022.

We were mainly inspired to start this application due to lack of available jobs for present day youths  both graduates and undergraduates in Nigeria, which has led a lot of people to engage in many social vices that is slowly eating up the nation Nigeria at this present day.

With all these problems at hand our aim at the time of publishing 5 List job search software application are:

  • To create more employment opportunities for struggling youths, graduates in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.
  • Boost the employment rate of educated and uneducated youths in many areas.
  • Ease the process of job application
  • Eradicate employment fraud which is becoming prevalent.

The software application 5 List Job search is a fork of Nokri job board as published on 9th May 2022 under General Public licensing. We have recorded little success with the application before it had to be shut down and un-published (hidden but not deleted) from the Google play store, reasons for this being that the original app and backend script was not suitable for what we needed it for at the time and lacked a lot of features that could help employers and job seekers connect effectively. This led to everything being cumbersome which in turn drastically reduced the chances of job seekers gaining employment and also had employer’s quickly loose interest in the software due to its cumbersome nature. Other issues with the original application software are:

  • No custom admin tree dashboard, as it was using the word press Content Management System for a lot of backend operations thereby making it an uphill task to customize most admin/backend features.  
  • Bugs related to uploading resumes.
  • Lack of actual messaging and communication features.
  • Lack of a good UI and UX.
  • Lack of actual messaging features, video call. There is a video call API on the backend but that requires further customization.
  • Employer, staff of employers and candidate dashboard is a lot less simplified and difficult to understand.
  • The admin dashboard is word press based with almost no custom security settings, authentication and requires coding and installing custom plugins to ensure some security on the admin side of the CMS.
  • Lacked good moderation features that would allow admins work independently and communicate effectively which is difficult to achieve using word press.
  • Further Customization in codebase requires an annual subscription to PHP storm IDE

Migrating the application from its PHP, Java codebase to flutter will enable us to:

  • Have a more simplified and better looking UI and UX.
  • Have a better way of tailoring resumes and a better way for candidates to showcase their experience in skilled areas.
  • Have a custom messaging service as a separate app to enable easy cross platform messaging.
  • Have a video call service on the messenger side of the application to enable employer and employee to schedule interviews over the internet without requiring third-party software or service.
  • Have a more customized backend service.
  • Have more API options with LinkedIn, indeed, upwork, monster jobs, Google, and Facebook.
  • Enable straightforward cross-platform compatibility across target devices.
  • Have a better administration panel for different levels of admins to use and assign roles.
  • Have a customized API that different services can connect to and leverage.
  • Have a better way of exporting and vetting user data.
  • Run on better server side hardware and maximize performance.
  • Have a more up-to-date job search software.
  • Boost revenue funders both public and private.
  • Boost public interest.

We are also requesting money to purchase supplies i.e. food, clothes to donate to the less privileged of which pictures and videos of our donation rounds plus accurate account of how money was spent purchasing these supplies will be posted and documented on this page and website as a whole. The bank details for receiving the funds are; Bank: Access Bank, Bank Account Name: Eze-Odikwa Tochukwu Jed, Account number: 0798583741, Bank SWIFT CODE: ABNGNGLAXXX, Country: Nigeria. No amount is too small and any received will be well appreciated and put to proper use.

We are not requesting with empty hands of course, we have purchased some equipment and accomplished some milestones so far so good:

  • Purchased a 2.5 kva generator set to combat power supply this equipment is still new and hasn’t been used until I get enough funds to secure an office space.
  • Purchased a 600watt solar power set to combat erratic supply during the day.
  • Purchased 2 office chair set.
  • Purchased 2 office table set.
  • Opened over 4 developer accounts which includes Google play store for the android part of the application.
  • Opened a Microsoft developer account and passed vetting status.
  • Purchased an extra laptop computer for any extra hands we might hire locally during the funding process. The extra laptop has specs of 8 GB ram, core i5 and 1tb HDD. It is ready with android studio, visual studio and visual studio code IDE installed.
  • Gave NGN 8000 to the less privilege through the means of my church the seventh day Adventist church Ehimiri housing estate Umuahia, Abia state, Nigeria.
  • Gave NGN 30,000 to Gold Alozie Amarachi Following the death of her father which happened months ago as part of funding for the bereaved.

We (I and my team) are willing to disclose bank statements, personal identifying information, tax identification number, documents of incorporation to donors, funding organizations and developers willing to donate time and skill to make this possible via email.  Please see {link} the budget for our project, showing how we intend to spend the money we have asked for. All donations will as received will be posted and updated on this page for the sake of transparency along with names of donors or funders. All our records will be kept public for all to see where money is going and how it’s spent.

The following benefits of your donation and contribution will be:

  • Developers that donate time and labor get all time access to the apps admin panel as you wish after the project is complete.
  • Donors of certain amounts will have access to a private repository to monitor progress of the project as it is being built from start to finish.
  • Donors of certain amount will have license to own and use the source code as they wish.
  • Donors of certain amount get access to any revenue generated from running the application as a form of investment initiative.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like any more information. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Eze-Odikwa Tochukwu Jed


Budget Table Breakdown:

Note: Donating your time and skill requires vetting and verification which wont be hectic and time wasting as we are looking to start with any muscle we can get onboard. shoot us an email at for further inquires.

Estimated workforce required = 19-25

Flutter developers android application$16,000
Flutter developers iOS application$17,000
Flutter developers Web$8000
Flutter developers admin panel$5000
API engineers$5000
UI/UX Designer for the entire project plus custom assets$4500
Windows port of the application bundle$12,000
Servers for hosting the projects$5000
Documentation of procedures from start to finish$2000
Email servers for verification 3yrs$2300
Ads, outreach and misc.$13,000
Donation, Supplies for the less privileged and motherless babies homes$9000
Unexpected costs$1200
budget breakdown 2022

Methods of Sending, Donating Funds:

MoneyGram: You can follow this link to learn how you can make donations to us using MoneyGram be sure to include your name and other details so we can include your name on the list of donors and funders of this project.

Wise: Formerly known as TransferWise you can follow the official guides using this link on how to send your donations if you wish

Bitcoin or other crypto: You can also send donations in bitcoin and other crypto if you don’t have options to send money internationally but please also be sure to give us your name and other details so we can include it on our list of donors down below.

Where you can find archives of the original 5 List job search application?

Although the 5 List job search app has been unpublished from the Google Play store as seen in the image below.

There are still archives of the application on other third-party app stores which you can find using the links that will provided below. you can find the app on uptodown app store by clicking HERE.

Palmstore: You can find an archive of the app on the palmstore by clicking HERE.


List of donors will be made available on this section of the page for 100% transparency

  1. Felipe Gomez (Yodo One Dev) +41 765306240 = $89 [08-08-2022]